Thank you for the Music

I have a belief. A passionate belief. A belief I have lived my entire life by and will continue to live by until my last days. MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL TO HUMAN LIFE.

I’ve taught music to youngsters for my entire adult life. Even in sixth form I ran a choir club and at University I was the Music President. I was then Head of Music in various secondary schools for 12 years. Whilst teaching, if I had a reluctant student I always played my trump card to win him round; “What kind of music do you listen to or like?” They ALWAYS had an answer. Granted, sometimes they needed a little nudge to reveal it, but I have still never met a human who doesn’t like some kind of music.

For most of my secondary school career, I walked into my classroom every day feeling immense gratitude that I was able to nurture a pupil’s love of music. I had been entrusted to help that love grow and help them safely experiment with their creative side and perhaps discover new things in this wonderful world of sound. I loved nothing more than playing a child a piece of music and watching their initial reactions; from the covering of ears upon hearing a 12 tone serialism piece, to the deep concentration upon hearing Flight of the Bumblebee. What a pleasure it was to be in the position of introducing these kids to new experiences for the first time!

Music creates an emotional reaction in everyone. Love or loathe a piece, it forces you to have an opinion. Music can change the way you think, feel, buy, react and make decisions. Music has always existed. Music will always exist. Music is for the young and old and every single human being can gain something from music.

As Plato said, “I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the key to learning”.


Helen Ames

Principal: Little Voices Hertfordshire West