The History Of Our Theatre Weeks

Lion KIng

The history of Theatre Weeks

They all started with the primary goal of ensuring that every child had the opportunity to say ONE LINE on stage in a performance, in front of an audience after a limited number of days of practicing (4 in total!). The children that came on the first few theatre weeks developed the structure so much because they learnt things so quickly! We put a whole performance together in 4 DAYS and they now have at least one line but often many, many more!! It is absolutely astonishing how quickly children as young as 4 years old learn their lines, their movement and to join in and make new friends.

It is heartwarming to see the children looking after each other at lunchtimes, the young gentlemen opening doors for the girls and the overwhelming growth in confidence of all of the children form 4 right up to 16 years!

They believe in themselves and their happy faces as they leave on Day 4 are proof of the fabulous experience that they have had together.

I will never forget one young girl who has been coming on theatre weeks for years and never missed one yet saying that she would rather be on a theatre week with Little Voices than at school every day!

Parents are gushing with compliments and always amazed at how much the children learn. It really is a very valuable experience.

It enables your child to put all of their lessons and exams, training and skills into practise and show off what they can do.

We accommodate the needs and skill set of every individual child.

Imagine coming along with family and friends to see their hard work come to fruition on day 4!

How does it work?

Children can be dropped off from 9.30am. The children on day 1 are all very apprehensive and nervous. BUT it is guaranteed that by lunchtime they are all having a ball! I have never known a situation where we have needed to ring a parent and ask them to collect their child! They all stay and they all love it. They run in on day 2 and you have very tired children every evening!

The children go home with their script and character on Day 1! They practise their lines and come back on Day 2 ready to stage the scenes. We try to aim to have staged the whole show, choreographed all of the songs and learnt everything by heart by lunchtime on Day 3!

Day 4 is the dress rehearsal and final performance. You do not need to buy or make any costumes. We just ask for things from home that children already have like black leggings or simple props and dressing up type crowns etc for example. We do not want parents spending any further money! It is amazing how fabulous all of the children look in the performances and the creativity that emerges!

Theatre Weeks are so much FUN! A script and a performance of your children’s hard work in FOUR days ONLY!

Children up to age 16years can enjoy these weeks. The children make new friends, learn so much about performing, acting, singing and stagecraft!

The pupils that attend once rebook time and time again! Once they start they are hooked on the thrill of theatre weeks with Little Voices

Have a lovely summer!