The Importance Of Teaching The Voice



There are many different approaches to teaching the voice but what is really important is HOW the good techniques are explained and taught to each individual pupil. A child may learn better by hearing, watching or making the sound themselves!


Every child learns differently and it may be that they need to hear their teacher make the sound so that they can copy it. All of our Little Voices tutors are performers as well as teachers and this really helps as they can explain what to do with the voice and they can demonstrate what the sound should be like too!


Fundamentally though a child needs to be nurtured and they need to feel safe so that they will comfortably share their voice in public. Working in a small group is a very secure environment for a child to develop their voice. A child becomes comfortable enough to try new things out, push their limits, sing high notes that the didn’t realise that they had and make silly noises that they wouldn’t dream of doing in public!


Please do contact us if you need any advice for your child, we are always here to help!