The line up



What do we mean by “the line up” – well it is the section of the exam right at the beginning. The chance when your child presents themselves to the examiner. We have talked many times about the life skills that children acquire at Little Voices and this is one of the fundamental ones. A really easily transferable skill into life.


The children are naturally slightly nervous / anxious prior to walking in the examination room, this is a feeling that they will probably experience many times in their lives going forward however we try to help them to understand how they are feeling and channel that energy into their performance. After all that energy is not negative it is truly positive adrenalin that can be used to catapult them through the examination. We talk about this in the lesson so many times. We go over and over the presentation of their piece and the presentation of themselves.


It is the only part of the exam time where the children look and communicate directly at the examiner. They walk in and announce the title of their piece, who it is by and a brief synopsis of what it is about. They then go on to introduce themselves; their name and the character that they are playing the role of!


We all need to present ourselves, make a speech, introduce something in our lives and ensuring that you have good posture, a clear speaking voice and a well projected voice really helps. These skills are so important. The art of practising, repeatedly, what you are going to say is crucial to an effective performance and overall making an outstanding first impressions as you enter a room is key to success!


No wonder we go over this part of the examination several times during lessons on the run up to an exam, the benefits, long term, are huge for each child.


Maybe ask them to present their piece to you tonight or how they presented their last exam piece? Watch how they walk into the room, hold themselves and deliver the introduction. This FIRST IMPRESSION that a child creates as they walk into the room has to be superb. No shuffling of feet, no heads hanging low or sad looking faces. It is always a bounce in the step, a smiley face and an eagerness to deliver!!


Have a great week!