The Finance Bit

We appreciate that you either have the money readily available to join Little Voices or you just don’t and so it is important to us that money is not a stumbling block that prevents you from joining our network and mapping your prosperous future.

There are therefore many financing options that we can help you with.

If you have the money in your bank account that is great but it is not a guarantee that you will be successful in applying to be a Principal! You have to be the right person and that is how the application procedure is so important as well as rigorous. Jane, the Managing Director and co founder of Little Voices approves, meets and trains everyone that applies to become part of Little Voices so that the ethos of the company is instilled from the beginning of your journey with us.

Money is always the part that historically was a stumbling block for individuals wanting to be involved. There was one particular lady that applied years ago that was perfect for Little Voices but sadly the money bit was an impossible feat and unfortunately was the deciding factor for her not becoming a Principal.

This frustrated and angered Jane so much that she spent 4 months securing funding options so that we never lost the BEST people again.

So, thankfully now if you need to secure funding to join Little Voices there are two options available for you to explore, obviously they are subject to their own independent Terms and Conditions.

1) The Government Start Up Loans offer a way of funding your Little Voices business 100% click here to visit their website and get started on the application. This options provides you with a business mentor too so that you can get independent advice and help when starting your business. You will need to prepare a business plan and strategy which we can offer advice on and guidance based on our knowledge of the industry and experience to date.

2) The Royal Bank of Scotland have vetted everything that Little Voices offers it’s franchisees and the support and financial reward that you can expect to generate each year from your Little Voices business. The audit that the entire company went through was significant and highlighted how the tried, tested and proven business model works as a franchising business. They are happy to receive applications through their Head of Franchising, Donna King, and look to fund up to 70% of the initial fee. Ask Jane for the contact details to research this option in depth.


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