The Process

Often people enquire about Little Voices and are keen to get involved straight away but this journey cannot be rushed, it is about building a relationship with us to see if it is right for you and you are the right fit for us. There are no fancy packs to send out to you, we have our own way of processing enquiries that I am sure you will agree makes us stand out from the crowd.

Each stage has may elements to it and there is never any obligation to go ahead at any stage but in brief this is what you can typically expect at each stage to achieve:

Stage 1

Just arrange a time to chat with Jane at Head Office and get to know each other 01254 207516. You can discuss area availability and all the ins and outs informally. It is just a chance to chat!

Stage 2

Watch the Presentation that helps you to discover all about Little Voices business opportunities. This can be in person or via Skype. You will be encouraged to contact other Principals in the network for their advice, feelings and feedback if this is something that you wish to pursue and meeting face to face is important.

Stage 3

If you are still interested after Stage 2 there is much to consider in terms of your location and therefore what your territory will be. It is important to have a clear vision and to discuss this with us.

Ask for an Application Form and apply for a role as a Principal of the Little Voices location that you wish to run from. You will be able to open and operate as many Little Voices as you wish within your territory so it is important to think strategically about the vision for your business long term. We will need to meet face to face and it is often good for you to come to the Head Office and meet people.

Stage 4

Your Application is submitted with the application fee of £309 (this is deducted from the whole fee, if successful) and all due diligence security checks are carried out. The application fee is a risk free fee as it is 100% guaranteed to be returned to you if we refuse your application based on anything other than your preauthorisation security checks being unsatisfactory – as you can appreciate you must have a fully enhance DBS check and appropriate references.

If you need finance options to be in place this is the time to be applying to the relevant banks/organisations and getting the funds in place. There is no refund of this fee if you withdraw your application for any reason; funding or otherwise.

Once these checks are complete you will receive a letter confirming whether you have been Successful or Unsuccessful! If you have been successful we will send you the franchise agreement to be checked by an independent solicitor and arrange training dates in our diaries.

Stage 5

We can then sign the franchise agreement, the initial fee can be paid in full upon signing, training can take place and it is full steam ahead!

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