There is nothing better than children’s singing and their faces at Christmas time is there?

Having watched several Little Voices showcases in the last few weeks, attended several carol services and absorbed the atmosphere around the towns and cities whilst shopping I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing better than watching children’s faces light up at this time of year and hearing their gorgeous voices enthusiastically singing carols and songs.

It’s critical that schools, parents and everyone gives lots of praise to every child all year round but particularly at this time of year!

I am a great believer that everyone can be taught to sing and everyone should be given the confidence to sing aloud as part of a group.

So many adults are afraid of singing at carol services, funerals, weddings and events because they were told at a very young age that they could not be part of the school choir at Christmas because they could not sing!

This is so damaging to a child and has such psychological damage with long term effects into adulthood!

It is also simply not true.

If you can speak and you have vocal cords you can be taught to sing and use your breathe correctly. It might not be the most beautiful tone that you produce and you may not be the lead soloist in ‘Walking in the Air’ but you can be trained to sing as part of a group!

So adults who are a little afraid of singing aloud, have a try at it this Christmas and lets all remember to be truly positive and full of praise for every child’s voice.

Its what we do at Little Voices. If a child feels comfortable and praised they will start to build confidence and even if they prefer the drama to the singing I guarantee that as we nurture their acting talents and their confidence builds in their abilities dramatically, their singing will improve.