We don’t have a drum in our bodies for singing do we?



Vocal Tip # 3: Tighten That Drum


We start talking using the technical words for singing in Mini Voices. Often describing the diaphragm and saying that it is a tricky word because the ‘f’ sound is created with a ‘ph’!! We talk about what shape it is and where it is!


Our pupils get used to the terminology and of course we build on this so that by the time they are being examined on the technicalities of the singing voice from age 14 upwards it is very familiar!


It is absolutely essential to proper singing technique that a singer understands how the diaphragm, lungs, and chest cavity affects their singing. Think of these 3 combined as forming a drum. A drum that is tuned loosely sounds flat and boring, as it lacks resonance. So the idea is to expand your rib cage by flexing the muscles that pull your ribs in and out. Effectively tightening that “drum”. This will result in better tones in your voice as well as increasing your lung capacity, allowing you to take less breathes between verses, resulting in better control.