We Really Care!



It is really hard to explain sometimes that we don’t do huge ‘shows’ or ‘productions’ to people that enquire about Little Voices.

When someone thinks of ‘drama’ and /or ‘singing’ they naturally think ‘performance’! However a performance is only one element of ‘drama’ and ‘singing’. Little Voices is all about individual attention and training rather than a performance based organisation so we are the people to prepare your child for performances and presentations in all areas of their life. To really supplement their educational journey. It is really important that your son/daughter has fun and is happy in their group because from this foundation their confidence will grow and we can really nurture their vocal and dramatic talents from this point. Little Voices is for every child not just the ones that want to be a professional actor, singer or performer.

I often speak to our parents and recommend amateur dramatic societies, casting agencies and other performance based companies if that is what they are looking for as an alternative or in addition to Little Voices lessons. Constant performing is what some parents are looking for and exams and formal training is not for everyone and we totally understand that. Equally there are many parents who are keen to investigate the auditioning and paid professional work for their child and gain a place on the books of a children’s agent. We are always happy to chat to parents about these avenues. it is not at the core of what Little Voices is about but we can help to guide you and help you to know if these routes are right for your son/daughter. We can assist in the best choices post GCSE’s and A Levels and it is an honour to be able to help families at this stage of decision making. I have had several conversations recently with different pupils and parents about their next steps in education and what to follow at university or college. We have a whole host of children that are on different agent’s books, those that have gone on to full time drama school and worked and are still working in the industry. Always feel happy to ask us at any time for help and advice. At the heart of Little Voices we care!

It is all about care and attention to each individual child at Little Voices working towards examination. The exams are fantastic preparation and training for life and the structure of our lessons not only promote the core skills and techniques of singing and drama but also life skills. The importance of voice projection, eye contact, handling adrenalin in pressured situations, preparation and practise so that career interviews and work presentations in the future are manageable! They are a fantastic way to promote confidence and pack a CV from a very early age – after all the examination board LAMDA has been going since 1863 and so the kudos on a CV or application form is quite special for your child.

Never hesitate to ask and talk to your Principal. It is what we are here for.

Have a great week!

Samantha xxx