What a fabulous Autumn term we have had!

Little Voices Newcastle December Newsletter


Dear All,

Welcome to our December newsletter! This has been an incredibly exciting term at Little Voices Newcastle, with our performance at St James’s Park, and our tutors really dedicating themselves to teaching the children some excellent singing and acting skills and techniques!

The pupils are all ready to start on our third set of LAMDA exams! For those who have never taken them before, the LAMDA exams are nothing to be scared of- the day itself is super exciting and the pupils are left with an amazing feeling of achievement! They go in so well prepared, and they meet one of the team of examiners, all of whom are lovely and extremely child friendly! Our younger pupils recite a poem and have a conversation about a favourite toy or book, which they bring with them, and our older pupils take part in a group musical theatre exam- they all go in together, and Jenni goes with them as their pianist, so they will feel very confident and they will be super prepared!

The children will be bringing home their scripts and poems this month to read and get excited about over the Christmas holidays!

Remember, there is no cost attached to the LAMDA exams, as this is all part of your monthly fee!

There will be a newsletter in the New Year with an article entitled Why LAMDA? But in the meantime, in a nut shell, we enter the pupils for LAMDA exams because:

The prestigious awards look great on their future CVs, and after grade 5 can be used as extra UCAS points

They help develop pupil’s confidence, public speaking skills, team work, sense of pride, conversational skills, singing and acting technique, memory, concentration, self-belief and more!

If you have any questions please just ask any of the team!


A letter from Jane Maudsley, Little Voices Founder and Managing Director

“This month is all about proud moments and my goodness there has been a lot of those over the last 10 years. My list of proud moments would fill reams of pages so I thought that I would just touch on a couple!

I remember driving home from Little Voices over 9 years ago and thinking to myself “Wow Jane, Little Voices helps children, really helps children, drama and singing really impacts their lives and helps them to achieve their dreams, not just to pursue a life on the stage but in any context. We could help children across the country, the possibilities are endless.” But in the car that night I saw Little Voices happening every night of the week in every area of the country. At the time my partner in crime at Little Voices didn’t believe that that was possible. But it is true that whatever you can believe you can achieve. Whatever you can see and visualise really does have the possibility of becoming reality. We truly believe as an organisation in inspiring your child to be the best that they can be.

I see it every single day. I see the possibility in every single child. Every child has something special to share and all they need is the belief in themselves to do it. Giving a child that confidence and that self-belief is what makes me proud. Anything really is possible. Reaching 10 years last month was a proud moment and the video that my colleagues here in the office put together reduced me to tears. You can see it on YouTube or head over to the Little Voices Facebook page to see it. www.facebook.com/LittleVoicesLimited to view it. It was the messages from tutors and Principals, my parents and my daughter that really got me!!!! I just had a dream in the car that day (all those years ago) and then worked hard and am still working hard every day to ensure that we are the best that we can be and Little Voices is recognised around the UK by parents as the best provider of drama and singing lessons for children, ALL children. We are not talent spotting or producing the next star (although that naturally happens) but we are all about the individual child and caring for them. #proudmoments

I was watching Strictly Come Dancing a few weeks ago and saw the contestant who is a Para Olympian, Jonnie Peacock. Despite all the physical odds, contracting meningitis in childhood he has gone on to achieve amazing things. That gentleman was dancing the jive with a blade that enabled him to dance and perform and achieve such outstanding achievement on the track in the Olympics. I have similarly watched children overcome adversity in their lives and go on to achieve. This makes me proud. We had a group at Little Voices who performed the emotional death scene from Jane Eyre for an exam shortly after one of the members of the group had lost a parent to cancer. It was unbelievable how the group of young people no older than 13 years old pulled together and delivered that piece of musical theatre. The atmosphere in the room was incredible so much so that the examiner must have felt it (he knew nothing of the underlying adversity facing one individual in the group in particular) as he stood up at his desk and applauded them at the end in the exam room. That was a proud moment.

This month we are sharing #proudmoments on our Facebook pages and newsletters across the country. Tutors are sharing them, pupils, parent and principals.

Please let us know about the things that make you proud. Share your stories with your Principal and your child’s tutors, we love to hear about our pupils achievements and share them!”


We really care about your child.

“Little Voices is all about care and attention to each individual child at Little Voices working towards examinations. We really care about each individual child’s needs, and why each child is attending Little Voices. The exams are fantastic preparation and training for life and the structure of our lessons not only promote the core skills and techniques of singing and drama but also life skills. The importance of voice projection, eye contact, handling adrenalin in pressured situations, preparation and practise so that career interviews and work presentations in the future are manageable! They are a fantastic way to promote confidence and pack a CV from a very early age – after all, the examination board LAMDA has been going since 1863 and so the kudos on a CV or application form is quite special for your child.

Never hesitate to ask and talk to your Principal. It is what we are here for.”

Grace Parker, Franchise Operations, Little Voices Head Office


Have a fabulous Christmas, and remember to check the back of this (and every) newsletter for our term dates and holiday workshops!

Happy Holidays!

Jenni, Laura, Charlotte and Leah


P.S. Please note all our holiday workshops and theatre weeks are now at the Robert Stewart Memorial Church Hall in Fenham

If you attend Little Voices Gosforth: Please check the term dates to see which lessons take place at the Robert Stewart Memorial Church Hall! (As Westfield is a private school their terms are short, and as such occasionally they are closed during our last week of term)


Little Voices Fenham Little Voices Gosforth
Robert Stewart Memorial Church Hall


December: 5th, 12th, 19th

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS- no lessons 26th December and 2nd January

January: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

February: 6th


February: 20th, 27th

March: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

EASTER HOLIDAYS- no lessons 3rd and 10th April

April: 17th, 24th

May: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd


HALF TERM. FRIDAY 1st JUNE WORKSHOP. 10am-4pm  venue ROBERT STEWART MEMORIAL CHURCH only £20 for Little Voices pupils!!

June: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

July: 3rd, 10th, 17th


SUMMER THEATRE WEEK. AUGUST 20th-23rd, 10am-4pm, VENUE ROBERT STEWART MEMORIAL CHURCH only £65 for Little Voices pupils!!


Westfield School


December:  7th, 14th


CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS- no lessons 28th December and 4th January

January:  11th, 18th, 25th,

February: 1st, 8th


February: 22nd

March: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd


EASTER HOLIDAYS- no lessons 5th and 12th April

April: 19th, 26th,

May: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24the

HALF TERM. FRIDAY 1st JUNE WORKSHOP. 10am-4pm  venue ROBERT STEWART MEMORIAL CHURCH only £20 for Little Voices pupils!!

June: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

July: 5th



SUMMER THEATRE WEEK. AUGUST 20th-23rd, 10am-4pm, VENUE ROBERT STEWART MEMORIAL CHURCH only £65 for Little Voices pupils!!