What are the benefits of theatre weeks when my child already attends lessons every week?


Theatre Weeks are a completely different aspect to drama and singing learning and development. Your child is able to put all their training into practise and work at a tremendously fast speed to pull it all together in a very short space of time – 4 DAYS!

  • They make special friendships with children as young as 4 and as old as 16 years
  • The teamwork that emerges is truly inspirational and outstanding to witness
  • They work fast and as a team to pull the entire performance together in a matter of hours
  • They have fun
  • They socialise and develop not just vocally, dramatically and dance wise but as confident performers too
  • They develop so much and the difference in confidence in the children that attend lessons the following term that have had a theatre week experience is really noticeable
  • It is a great chance for you to see what they are capable of and watch a performance
  • They are really stretched in terms of what they can learn and perform. Young children are so tired after each day!

“Dear Ashlea, we would like to thank you and your Little Voices Putney team for all of your tremendous hard work and for putting so much time and dedication into each child. They did not only present a wonderful performance but they learned so much more than that. My daughter LOVED it and was very keen to come back each day. She met new friends and definitely wants to come back to the next. A great half term experience for my daughter and us. Plus bonus points for the inclusive DVD too!! Thank you so much.”

If your child has enjoyed a theatre week with us please let us know the benefits that you have seen from their attendance alternatively if you want to learn more about the next one or simply as more questions about them please ring and ask at any time.

We hope that you are having a great week!