What are these 5 gold stars and what does it mean to Little Voices?



This accreditation means the world ! Working in the education and children’s activities industry it has been an increasing frustration that parents and often schools presume (incorrectly) that activity providers are regulated by some bigger body! The industry is not regulated anyone can set themselves up as an activity provider and offer their services to parents, schools and run from community halls and facilities. They are not on anyone’s list to check. How worrying is that?


It is my belief as the founder and CEO of Little Voices that we have a duty of care to join together and raise the industry standards and educate parents, schools, local authorities and the government. As a highly ethical franchisor with the care of each individual child at the heart of what we do we have always been able to fly the flag high for providing as safe an environment for children’s learning as possible and we have an array of stringent policies and procedures in place and always have had. But for me it is not just about looking after us at Little Voices. As a professional it is about giving back and the greater good of our wider industry. Finding the CAA and going through their accreditation programme was very important to me as I believe in their mission and it is much needed. Endorsement of what we do, how we do it and how appropriate to a child’s development our lessons are from those as young as 4 to 18 years in compliancy and delivery is fantastic!


Its not until something happens tragic happens that the government will regulate and insist on certain guidelines until then I believe prevention is better than a cure and we need to educate schools, parents and teachers to check who is providing the activities. At the moment after school activities are not on anyone’s radar and it cannot continue! 


Activities, classes and clubs are a valued and much-loved part of most children’s pre-school and extra curricular leisure and learning time, but until now, there has been no formal guidelines to assist parents, schools and nurseries in choosing how to invest their time and money in popular pastimes.


The Children’s Activities Association is an industry-led, not-for-profit community interest company founded and governed by experts to help parents, schools, nurseries and all children’s activities providers by raising the standard of children’s activities as well as give more families access to these excellent activities. Parents, schools and nurseries no longer need to worry about what questions to ask about things like health and safety, child safeguarding, criminal record checks, qualifications or training.