What Little Voices and Carl Fogarty have in common.

Well lots is the answer and we are not promoting motorbike riding – of course!



Carl Fogarty is on Wikipedia and when you read his biography his success is unprecedented on a motorcycle. In more recent years he has been known for his television appearances and King of the Jungle status however to get to the top of your industry takes a lot of hard work. The reason that we were drawn to read about him on Wikipedia this week was that his daughter, Claudia, was a pupil at Little Voices for over 6 years and taught by Jane our Managing Director and Julie on of our Principals in Peterborough. Claudia is now in Head Office at Little Voices being involved with what she loves best – drama!

Many people will not draw parallels between motorcycle racing and performing singing and drama but there are many. To win races at speed involved a huge amount of risk but it also involved discipline and focus. All of our pupils at Little Voices understand the need to focus on their characters and concentrate throughout their performance. Pupils are disciplined in so many ways; it takes discipline to work as part of a group and be respectful to each other. It is a discipline to practise every day and dedicate your time to specific areas of improvement.