What The Head of Arts Ed Is Looking For.

Following on from our findings about what drama schools are looking for this week we have found out from the Head of Acting at Arts Ed, Gareth Farr, in The Stage, that they are all about the creative potential of the individual.

He goes on to say that:

“In any interview or audition the main thing we look for is an understanding of the text, character and story from the auditionees’ perspective. There isn’t one way to play Hamlet, there isn’t a right or wrong, there is a personal connection and instinct. We only look for flashes of potential in audition. We work with that potential over three years to get the very best out of each student”

How interesting! We really try to ensure that your child really has a deep understanding about the characters that they are playing and that they add their own flavour to them. This individuality is so important and it is obviously what some drama schools are looking for!