What The Music Colleges Are Looking For

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Getting into Music College or Drama Conservatoire is a competitive business. Maybe this will shed some insight into what the colleges are looking for.

I was reading what the Head of Singing at the Conservatoire of Scotland, Stephen Robertson, considered to be a complete package of talents ideal for a singer. He said:

  • Vocal quality in singing but also in speaking voice
  • Instinctive musicality/developed musicianship
  • Personality, and ability to project imagination and character without undue ego
  • Appropriate physicality/presence/lively eyes
  • Evidence of work ethic/self-initiative/appropriate ambition and intelligence
  • Lack of bad habits of coordination requiring substantial revision

It is interesting that the speaking voice is as necessary as the singing voice. Little Voices is all about the voice! The voice for acting, speaking, presenting and of course singing!