“What to look out for this Christmas when our children, or indeed we, put on a show”


We have all done it or been at a relative’s house when their children have done it or indeed we have got involved and……… “put on a show!”

The obligatory dressing up box, high heels, microphone, piano, keyboard, guitar and the important ingredient……… that all important …….. audience!

Even in your twenties, thirties, forties and beyond it is fun to have a jamming session or impromptu sing along with friends and family after a meal.

Wherever you are this Christmas, whether it is you, your 4 year old, your teenage son or friends make sure that you encourage that performance, give lots of praise and at the same time secretly watch!

Look out for the:
· Projection of their speaking or singing voice
· Confidence to sing or act alone
· Excellent breath control
· Creative imagination as they improvise songs or scenes
· Impressively crisp diction
· Natural musicality, rhythm, timing and intonation
· Innate Comedy
· Ability to rise to the occasion
· Spatial awareness and appropriate use of movement
· Spontaneity

These are all important aspects of performance and practise makes perfect. Performances of all types are crucial! Let this holiday season be a fun filled, impromptu performance one!