What would you like us to cover?



Little Voices is all about inspiring our next generation with educational drama and singing lessons as you know. 

In October one of the theatre weeks from another centre was all about Guy Fawkes and even the parents were fascinated with how much they learnt through helping their children with the script and watching the final performance.

Recently myself and our tutors were celebrating the life and works of a music icons such as; David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley educating the children on their music and influence on the music culture.

I read the other day that another Principal and her tutors were celebrating Burns Night and the life and works of Robert Burns. He was a famous poet of course and also wrote Auld Lang Syne . The influences of his work is remembered every year on New Year’s Eve and again on Burns night itself. It still amuses me every year when I hear people muffling their way through the lyrics. It is one of those songs that we think that we know isn’t it? Do we really know every word and do we know what each word means? 

Traditions are so important and celebrations of a person’s life are so important but really understanding is the key to remembering and it is our job to educate the next generation so that long may they continue!

As we look to write the scripts for this year’s theatre weeks are there any composers, musicians, historical events that you would like us to cover in an educational yet fun vocal and dramatic way? Please let us know!