What’s the second tip for becoming a superb singer?



Vocal Tip # 2: Breathing


Getting used to breathing well is a fabulous tool for life in general but of course crucial for singing! If you can take control of your breathing you can remain calm in all situations too! As adults we often get thrown into situations that push us out of our comfort zones. Learning to use your breath effectively will help tremendously!


Try holding your breath and singing or even speaking. You get the point. Clearly air is a major component to singing. When singing a melody, the words are expressed quite differently than if you were to simply recite the sentences aloud. The volume, the pitch, the tone, and the tempo can have you gasping for air before you know it.

Learning and mastering proper breathing is one of the keys to instantly improving your ability to sing. Unless we are exercising, normally our breathing is quite shallow. As we begin training our body to sing, we need to take deeper breaths in order to sustain our sound loud and clear for our listening audience. At first you may even feel a rush of dizziness as the deeper you breath, the more oxygen that gets to your brain. But don’t worry. Your body just needs to get used to proper and more efficient breathing.


Have a super week and let us know if the vocal tips are helping!