What do we look for?


Your skills

A Little Voices business is not by any means for everyone. Equally, we don’t accept just anyone either. Ideally, you’ll be passionate about the performing arts and want to lead a team to be able to inspire and teach children. Organisation, efficiency and an ability to communicate with people from all backgrounds is imperative.

It should come as no surprise then, that our selection process is rigorous. We look for individuals with:

  • High personal integrity
  • High standards of people management and communication
  • Ability to display financial acumen
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • The personality to be an excellent ambassador for Little Voices
  • Someone not afraid of hard work and above all the drive to be the best

Hands-on management

Running a Little Voices business means running it. You do not have to teach within the business but you can choose to teach if you wish. The role would vary from working within the operations of the lessons as a Principal, dealing with registers, parent’s enquiries, tutors lesson plans and organising examinations to dealing with marketing, finances, sales and all things ‘admin’. It is emphatically hands-on. You will be leading your team, as well as making critical business decisions.

Active in the industry and the network

And it doesn’t end there. We encourage all of our Principals to pursue their personal goals and aspirations with their acting and singing careers (if applicable) and fit their business into their lives so that they have a good work/life balance with their partners and children. They form part of a Little Voices Family and supporting and providing advice to other Principals in the network at meetings and in our online forum is crucial! Sharing the expertise that each individual possesses is so important and is what makes us so different and outstanding. We encourage all active community projects so that we can give back through charity work etc. So you can see, it’s as much about earning respect within and outside your Little Voices business as it is about earning money. there is nothing more rewarding than a Little Voices business in your life!