Why do I LOVE my job?

Why do I LOVE my job?

I have taught singing for the last 6 years both privately, in secondary schools and in theatre schools. I absolutely love what I do, it is my passion! Singing has always been one of those things that I have always done, it’s like breathing to me. I love sharing my enthusiasm for singing and what better way to do this than by passing on the knowledge that I have from my performing and singing career than by teaching?

Little Voices is so unique in it’s small class numbers and I LOVE having the time in the lessons to hear each child’s voice individually. When a shy child has the courage to sing on their own and really takes on the advice I give them to go for it, it often brings a tear to my eyes! I was a very shy child and struggled so much with confidence so I know what a milestone singing solo can be.

No matter the amount of natural ability an individual has, with the right training, support and practice, every person can improve. We may not all be Mariah’s or Whitney’s in the making and nor should we be. At Little Voices, we encourage every child to be the best that THEY can be. We encourage them through regular feedback and writing in their lesson notebooks so they can go home and practice.

I’m so proud of my Little Voices pupils and the progress they have already made in just 6 weeks. Keep up the great work everyone!

Samantha xxx