Why winning the award is so good?


I’m not sure if you have heard but we have recently found out that Little Voices won a national award. We were nominated and got to the finals because of what our parents felt about us! That is so thrilling and sincerely heart-warming so thank you for your continuous support.

The awarding body is a company who have a vision and core values in alignment with Little Voices.  The after school activities industry is unregulated. Most parents do not realise this and they are bombarded on almost a weekly if not daily basis for their children’s time to attend activities and their own hard earned money without often knowing that the foundations of an after school activity provider are solid and more importantly safe. Often the fundamental steps of checking out is this company who they say they are and do they have the relevant qualifications, safety precautions and insurance in place are missed until it is too late.

When was the last time, you, as a parent asked if the football coach had everything in place that they needed to or indeed if you asked if they were who they said they were?

We have not only won an award that represents truly how our parents, nationally feel about Little Voices, but we have won an award category organised by a company, Kallikids, that want to ensure that after school activities are safe and accredited.

We have huge mountains to climb to be a household name on the tip of every parent’s tongue but this award takes us significantly closer to that goal.

Little Voices is not just about drama and singing but of course we pride ourselves on our lessons of distinction but it is also about life skills and supplementing the education of our nation’s children. Creating a first impression, speaking with clarity in a job interview, handling nerves and being really confident presenting a project are all key life skills and they form part of our framework of lessons of distinction. There are lots of organisations out there that can teach your child to sing, dance and act but we would argue only Little Voices that can complement and enhance their educational journey.

Collectively as an organisation Little Voices is very passionate about the education of children. We are driven to ensure that every child nationally has an opportunity to excel, build their confidence, self-esteem and nurture their talent. The art of presentation skills, eye contact, posture, teamwork, respect, preparation to name but a few.

I have a huge job to do to assist in the delivery of education through Little Voices but I will do it – we will do it!

The award has been given by Kallikids who are striving to get the after school activities sector regulated. As I’m sure you would agree it is so important that parents know who they are sending their children to – that they are who they say they are.

As I’m sure you can tell we are all on cloud 9 about this still!

Thank you for all of your continuous support.


Ashlea x