Why Choose Little Voices?

  • We are completely unique because the lessons are structured towards drama and singing, and we do not do dance. We have 100% pass rate in our exams with very high quality training. The lessons are always fun with every child’s individual needs tailored to. The entire network of Principals know each other. Within our network everybody supports, advises and helps one another; Little Voices has a real family feel to it.


  • You can have the business of your dreams! Often following your training from drama school or music conservatoire ‘teaching’ finds you rather than you finding ‘teaching’! With Little Voices you can teach the subject that you love and that you trained with such passion to develop as well as building a substantial future for yourself within a tried, tested and proven business model.


  • Little Voices can compliment your current roles! We have Principals that have full time jobs and are heading for quite significant promotions within their current roles that are also running successful Little Voices businesses. We also have actresses and professional singer/songwriters doing the same thing and using the vehicle of a Little Voices business to reach their goals in life.


  • Little Voices can be full time or part time entity, the possibilities for growth and expansion are endless and need to suit your personal goal. Little Voices can be as big or as small as you want it to be!


  • We have an exceptional network of support with a strong foundation in the Head Office for all your training and support needs as well as the expertise and sharing that the network of existing Principals (Franchisees) provides you with.


  • We have a big national vision and will not stop until Little Voices is a household name!


  • We will only accept the right people and take our time to consider if this opportunity is right for you and right for us.


  • You don’t have to have any money up front as we have been accredited and backed by the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Government Start Up Loans to ensure that you can finance up to 100% of the initial fee.


I have never been so excited to embark upon this new challenge in my life as a Little Voices Principal. The training I received was outstanding & answered all of my questions and queries and filled me with confidence that this was definitely the right decision for me! Little Voices offers a friendly and supportive environment like no other. I’m proud to be part of the team!10414413_10152904284653496_2305836897575108535_n


Rachel Bradshaw, Principal of Little Voices Preston

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